Esteé Lauder Double Confidence Campaign


This project is the first UK initiative campaign that the entire visual elements and contents were created locally. Therefore the main challenges were creating a landing page in line with the three video contents which present three different influencers, as well as building the design and templates within a very short turnaround.


To get approval from the global creative team as well as to reduce the communication error, we created interactive UX pages for PC and mobile. In this way, the UX mockups made it clear to the global team as well as the rest of the UK brand and the ENG team in terms of what layout we are creating, what functionalities we are building and what UX the customer will experience.


This provided a much quicker turn around the campaign launch given the short amount of time we had, and minimised a room for errors. The result was very successful that we had 238,978 page views, which equated to 8.1% of total page views across the site. This campaign contributed to £31,709 to the business and over 700,000 users engaged with the 3 featured videos.

Responsible for:

  • Leading UX
  • Prototyping
  • Responsive design