Esteé Lauder – Website relaunching Mobile UX

After the new Esteé Lauder website has re-launched, we analyzed user behaviors for mobile to be more user-centric. Based on the data using the UX customer interacting on the site, we developed the new page layout to create a better user experience.

I participated as a lead UK designer on this project to re-purpose the product information page and developed a new page structure to make the purchase experience simpler and more intuitive. Based on the product types, i.e. foundation product has more than 28 types of skin tones, while perfume product only has different bottle variations, the page layout has to be different for each product type.

This project made a huge success on the localisation on the Esteé Lauder UK website and became a benchmark globally as an example of the best mobile experience for the EL customers.

Responsible for:

  • UX
  • Information Architecture